Laura Imbruglia

by Laura Imbruglia

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Oh, wrap your arms around me till all your muscles atrophy! And I will drink your peppermint tea till I get cavities, cavities! Get over here and kiss my face off! I’ll squeeze you till your eyes pop! I’ll smile till my gums bleed…. One gory pod, two happy peas! Are you looking for a lover? Or just another mother? An insignificant other? Tell me and I’ll put on the mask. I was bad at Tae Kwon Do so I’ll try Karate! I will not bond with someone who’s a neo-nazi! Won’t watch your shows and I don’t wanna eat your pizza! I don’t even like your music taste either! I go to all these shows and I just hate the scene! I feel like I’ve walked into such a bad, bad dream! Even though I don’t like it one little bit, I kind of wish I had been embraced by it. The people at the party were very very arty. I didn’t want them to see me so I wore a mask. I had a trolley full of carrots and started looking for a rabbit. I passed a guy whose eye was cabbaged, and searched his unattended baggage…. I’m standing in the corner with the flowers and the fauna, There’s a veil-covered mourner just lying on the grass. Oh, are you looking for a rabbit? Oh, with a trolley full of carrots? That’s a pretty silly habit. Maybe you should put on a mask. A mask! A mask! A mask!
Surly 04:06
I don’t want to, I don’t want to, I don’t want to see you, I phased you out, I phased you out. Please step aside, exit my life, I made new friends, our friendship is long expired. You’re not required. You can no longer blame your character flaws on inheritance, I’ve met your parents. And so I know those flaws are yours alone, Your awful parents have their own. When we were children, we were children, I knew even way back then that you’re a fool. But it was hot and you had a pool. We were in 3rd grade, 100 metre race, Your mum said you would fly through space, But I know you didn’t, because I came 1st place. And just as you were trying to congratulate, I waved my ribbon in your face. You’ll find I’m really quite polite most of the time, But I just wanted you to go away! But I admire your subtleties, I’m so abrasive and awkward I can’t greet The ones I love, offer them a hug. I over-think arm placement, all embraces feel odd! *Oooh, you’re so surly! Why would I smile if I can frown? *Oooh, It’ll kill you early! Well you can put me down now! *You’re far too surly, yeah! It picks me up to put you down! *We’ll throw you in the circus! Please, I’ll be the miserable clown.
Mad Scientist! Mad Scientist! Professor Cushman, you live too far away. Why travel to my planet if you’re not planning to stay? Profess my love for you, I’ll do it every day, But I need to know when we’ll share more than the Milky Way! What we need is a travel device (Travel De-vice) So use your mind and visualize (Visual-I-I-ize) A big black hole like the pupil in your eye! Step into that portal, it brings you back to me. You know I’d do it if I had the same technology! Oh. Mad Scientist! Mad Scientist! Afraid our mission might stall in outer space, It’s hard to keep momentum when you’re bored with the thrill of the chase. It feels like The Weekend whenever you are near, But your space station’s so far away & I need you over here! Step into that portal, it brings you back to me. I watched “My Pet Monster” so I know this can be achieved! Mad Scientist! My Mad Scientist! Far more advanced than any other guy I ever knew. You bypass politics but you talk about the water on the moon. Everything was going swell, you had to up and leave. You left me a present, a special space travel machine. But it’s only toy-size so I can’t take a joy ride! You’d better step into that portal, and bring you home to me! I know portals exist, I always see ‘em on TV! Step into that portal! Step into that portal! Step into that portal, bring you back to me. Mad Scientist.
My Opus 09:58
(STEPPING ON SNAILS) I don’t want to be wasting my time with my own idiocy. I walk down new tracks and end up back in the exact same place with the familiar taste of egg on face. I keep stepping on snails almost every day and it’s never on purpose. Life is unfair, I stare in their retracting eyes and apologise. Regardless, the snails die. Then other deaths arise. Dead bats dangle on wires. I sense impending doom is being signified. I don’t need doom, I need apple pie. (FLYING LIONS) I dreamt all of my loved ones died and left me on my own. With big tear drops for eyes I attended every funeral alone. A flying lion tore apart a pink bird in the sky. A hill filled with children had a bloody kitchen off to the side. (UNEXPECTED PIANO KEY DESCENSION) And then I ventured into polyrhythms. I really shouldn’t go anywhere near them. I am the worst musician I have ever met- You could put me against a fingerless invalid with no eyes! Eyes (I lost track) (BRIAN WILSON’S NIGHTMARE) With no eyes! Eyes (I lost track) All my seeds are broken, darling, nothing’s gonna grow. Lead a better life, rid yourself of this heavy load. I’m no longer honest, every day I speak in code. Don’t want you to warm to me, I want you to attack. Greet my loved one awkwardly; be shocked that he comes back. (HAUNTED HOUSE CHAPTER) It’s not a haunted house, it’s a haunted home. So wipe your feet! Be quiet as a mouse, you’re not allowed to go. So take a seat! We’re all gonna die tonight……. (THE AFTERMATH) I used the bells and whistles just to keep him in the dark. I hope there’s no irreparable damage in his big heart. All my gory dreams just turned so awfully real. The dangling bat decayed and splat on my automobile. And I just didn’t know how to feel. I didn’t know what body part was stuck to the wheel! It was just a little bump when this started in November! Now my throat is caked with lumps and I know I don’t remember… Why I climbed inside, (I didn’t want to do it, I got pushed into it, Mummy) Broke things in your mind. (I didn’t want to do it, I got pushed into it, Mummy) (PORNO COP SHOW) Nasty in the city tonight, They’re out and they will give you a fright. Don’t go walking alone, They’ll get you when you’re walking home. (STREET PARADE) Do you like my opus? Do you like my opus? DO YOU LIKE MY OPUS????!!!! I hope you do.
Tear Ducts 03:52
Tear ducts, I’m gonna have to get mine sewn up If I don’t see you sometime…now. Tear ducts, mine have filled themselves up, They overflowed and now the tears slide right into my mouth. And everything tastes salty. And everything looks foggy. And I feel like shit. Red eyes I can hide in the night time, But how do I get through a day at work? Oh, red eyes, teach me to not cry. It’s all I know how to do, thanks entirely to you. Spend too much time at home, In my bedroom getting stoned, Trying to feel numb to my bones, All I feel is more alone… And I look like shit. And I sound like shit. And I feel like shit. I am becoming, you guessed it- shit. So feel like shit with me, Won’t you feel like shit with me? Come on, everyone be miserable for a while! Can’t we all share widespread unhappiness? I’m tired of people telling me to smile. Make everything taste salty. And everything look foggy. Everything tastes salty and everything looks foggy. And we’ll look like shit! And we’ll sound like shit! And we’ll feel like shit! I’m gonna get my tear ducts sewn up.
I'll tell you about these 2 guys I work with, they are vegans. They're also hardcore punks; a rare combination. Although they're far from average, their names are quite run-of-the-mill They're Aaron and Luke, but they'd prefer their names to be Pro-Animal Lib and Prejudice-Free. They're the best of friends but I am sure they're also gay lovers, If they are I say good for them because they really compliment each other, Like black and white or yin and yang, Sid Vicious and Johnny Rotten, Soy sauce and tofu, tahini and cauliflower- they're punk rock pals. Kindred souls who don't eat cows! (or related cow by-products). The lack of iron in their diet takes away their tan, they always have interesting t-shirt slogans and I love them. Yes I love them! I love my vegan punk friends, they're anarchists who like to eat lettuce, They don't follow any mainstream trends, and please dear God don't offer them McDonalds... unless you want a kick in the head. They'll tell you Ronald's the reason Che Guevara's dead. And even though they're aethiests, major corporations can rot in hell. Luke is a straight-edge punk which means he doesn't do drugs, or smoke or drink or anything fun. But he's not a Christian (thank God) so he can have all the sex that he damn wants, with lots of different people, yeah he's a slut but he has got a "primary partner" too. That was a quote. And as for Aaron, well he's the most devoted vegan I've ever seen, He won't even eat honey 'cause the bees make it for their baby bees and not us. He's really sweet but I just wish he'd wear deodorant sometimes, But he's too scared because the companies could be lying when they say they don't test on animals. But that's ok, their intentions are good - they recycle paper to save the wood. And I love them, yes I love them! I love my vegan punk friends, they're anarchists who like to eat lettuce, They don't follow any mainstream trends, whatever you do, don't criticise homeless people to them... unless you want to hear a punk rendition of "It's Another Day In Paradise" by Phil Collins. The punk version doesn't sound very nice. They can't sing but they're trying. I heard that song when I was 6 and that was quite suffice... But I love them all the same! Soy chocolate tastes nicer than it sounds. I tried it once, it's weird, I lost 3 pounds. I love the way the guys make me feel empowered, You don't call it working, call it selling your hours of life... I love my vegan punk friends but they quit work today Because they don't want to be retail store whores, Employment doesn't suit the punk rock cause. Anarchists and lettuce, 2 punks I will miss.
This is a hideous city, the trains are late and everyone’s nasty. Cast me into your life story, you’re the only one I wanna see. I’m falling for your charms and you wear them in disguise; You hide magnets in your arms and whirlpools in your eyes. The sky is grey all day then I see you and it turns blue! No one else can see that, but I do. I wouldn’t tell my family, and all my friends they don’t agree With the effect you have on me- I’m like a puppy dog on its knees. Is that even possible? Are there knees on dog’s legs? I digress. The point is- You turn me into a pathetic mess. Mess. We were prescribed rose-coloured glasses and kept falling on our arses, My eyes were fine, turned out I’d been misdiagnosed. The glasses made me blind, now I can only trust my nose. But I’ve noticed every time I talk it grows. And I hate feeling like I’m Pinocchio. I get so upset I start singing “The Rose”! It goes….. “Some say love, it is a flower and you its only seed” Baby, what does that make me? Today you remind me I’m wasting my time! If you’re not mine and never will be, I guess I’ll have to set you free. ‘Cause hurting me is not serving any purpose. Please get out if you know it’s getting worse, worse, worse. Oh, get out if it’s only getting worse. It’s getting worse. It’s getting worse. It’s getting worse.
The time I spend with you is all shits and giggles, But then you leave and instantly I’m in a pickle. So keep hanging around or I am bound to always frown, The lady at the show said I made her miserable. That’s not a nice thing to say! She was drunk anyway, but I’m still reeling. She hurt my feelings. I’ll make it clear why I value your company & time- I have a fear of being blown up and you get it off my mind. So I won’t die. When you’re by my side I hardly cry at all. Till you don’t return my calls! Then I really start to bawl! The wound was healing. Now you’ve hurt my feelings. And I don’t want to be some kind of garden gnome, But if you ignore me I’ll stand outside your home. If I can see you’re not alone, my happy face will turn to stone, And I’ll become that garden gnome! NO! Oh how I miss our time together (Oooh ooh ooh ooh ooh) Cancel your plans, stay with me forever (Forever), Forever! ‘Cause I catch trains and aeroplanes and think of all the bombs again, You’re so appealing it hurts my feelings. It hurts my feelings! It hurts my feelings! It hurts my feelings! It hurts my….feelings.
How many granny tantrums will they let me live down? My friends must truly love me to put up with all these party frowns. Frowns… I only wanna play if we do it in the daytime, Don’t come around at night, or you’ll sit silent by my bedside. I know I’m at the age when I’m supposed to lead the wild life. I like it in the kitchen but I never wanna play with knives. And I don’t mind the darkness, it’s just safer with the light on outside. Give me 10 good hours of sleep, it’s nice feeling just generally alive. Keep laughing at my singlet; we’ll see who laughs when you catch a cold. If I act elderly so young, how will I be when I’m actually old? Old… Don’t know how else to be, It’s always been this way, I’m stuck with me! Carpenters cds, is it wrong to love sweet harmonies? Prob’ly should be playing an electric guitar and making a lot more noise, Having promiscuous sex with all the local boys, When I was a kid I feared the choking hazard of my toys. I misplaced all my wild oats, I’m ashamed to lead a life I enjoy. Should I be ashamed to lead a life I enjoy? I won’t be ashamed to lead a life I enjoy! Home Sweet Home. Home Sweet Home. Home Sweet Home. Home Sweet Home.
We’re all of us just pigeons- we don’t know what you’ve got but we want it NOW! And I do not want to share it; I don’t think I could bear it, I NEED A PIECE FOR ME WITH UTMOST EXCLUSIVITY!!!!!…. please. It’s carbon copy watered down and it’s invading all the towns, Riding in on bandwagon to ready, waiting crowds. Are the old rockers rolling over in their graves? It’s a new age but there’s no sign of a new sound! There’s no new plans for the world’s rock bands, Fans don’t listen any more; they just read their mag and clap their hands! I keep going further back to hear something that’s un-rehashed, I want to be inspired! If they’ve created everything you’re ever going to, You may as well set yourself on fire! The children you’re raising are not your own, You’re brazenly stealing them from their happy homes. I see it from the glass house and I wanna throw stones! I WANNA THROW STONES! There’s always more words to add to the pile I’m sure I’ll regret. So I lay in this bed I made from words I said.
Had a dream last night, woke in a terrible fright. The dream wasn’t what scared me; it was the fact that I woke and it wasn’t a reality. Well in this dream, I had a magic washing machine; It doubled as a jukebox; I danced around my house lots. Instead of swishy noises I could listen to the Pet Shop Boys and the whites they just got whiter in the musical enlightener! So I want a magical washing machine that doubles as a jukebox! Where’s my magical washing machine? It doubled as a jukebox! In my dream I had a lot more friends, but none of them were genuine. They just brought around their dirty socks and made me wash them in my jukebox. Well, this jukebox had every song you could wanna hear and then some… 30 Odd Foot Of Grunt. But I want a magical washing machine if it doubles as a jukebox! I had a magical washing machine, It doubled as a jukebox! Oh! What did I drink last night? Oh! What did I smoke last night? It messed with my head as I slept in my bed. Oh, What did I drop last night? Oh, What did I shoot up last night? I don’t remember, but it sure ruined my life. ‘Cause now I want a magical washing machine that doubles as a jukebox! There’s no such thing as a washing machine that doubles as a jukebox. I’ve had the most of the trading post and I’ve trawled my way through Ebay, And I found nothing even similar like a laundromat with a DJ. There’s no DJ. I guess it’s not my day. My life’s in disarray…..NO! There goes my dream of a magical washing machine.
Phone me, I am feeling so damn lonely. I’m finding it hard to breathe with ease. And insects fly in my eyes. It comes as no surprise; I know they are aiming on purpose. I’m worthless, I am. The bugs can tell. They see I’m in hell and push me further down…. And I know if I were cloned, I’d just look at me and throw endless tomatoes. The sorrow grows, poor me. I walked out into the sun. The weather changed, and rained on everyone. I ruin lives through my mere existence. Don’t sigh out loud. It bores the crowd. Sigh out loud again and lose another friend. Again. Again!!!! Nobody knows how this feels. Everyone else is smelling roses and I’m still stinking lonely. And I’m the only one around that ever feels down. (Chorus of lonely voices): What she said.



released October 30, 2006

Released 2006 through Chatterbox Records/MGM (Aus), Silversonic (DE), Strange Ears (DK)

Producer: Tim Powles
Recorded at Space Junk III, Sydney NSW

Guitar/Vocals/Keys: Laura
Bass/Backing vocals: Andrew Smith
Drums/Percussion: Nick Kennedy
Guests: Dave Rennick, Peter Black


all rights reserved



Laura Imbruglia Melbourne, Australia

Australian songwriter Laura Imbruglia has been releasing records since the early noughties, covering a range of genres from folk to throat-tearing punk, dark country, psychedelic rock and everything in between.

Laura’s fourth album “Scared Of You” (produced by Nick Huggins) was released 29 March 2019.
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